One of my Hobbies is playing video games. As a computer programmer, I enjoy exploring the programming techniques behind these. Having a wide variety of interests and not too much time, I've started numerous projects and seldom finish them.

Here are some of my favorite projects.

Dungeon Dude

An 80s-arcade-style game where Knights engage in perilous adventure macho posturing. This is a short version with fewer levels then I had originally planned.
download old build(Win XP)
NEW! download new build(Win 7 and up)

Shoot Robots Maze!

Arcade action! A blatant knock-off of 1980s berzerk.
play online!

Unity Test 1

I modeled a cartoon renaissance city from when I was attempting to write my own game engine. I mainly created this map to test the feasibility of using purely hand-drawn textures and simplistic geometry that I could create easily in Blender with my limited modeling skills. This would be for an eventual RPG project.

Down the line I adopted the Unity engine instead of continuing work on my own. To test this engine, I imported this test map, created materials for the surfaces, added a moving camera, and added box colliders. No coding was required for this simple test.

Unity has a web plugin too. So you can create apps that run in the browser. Check out this project. Use mouse to look; W,A,S,D to walk around.

Unity Test 2

Another test of the Unity engine. Here I created a terrain using unities built-in terrain editor. I also added some very simple animated character models, made in Milkshape. I made this terrain mostly to model the water shader that I am coding. This shader uses a bump map to perturb a cube-map reflection. I am still trying to get nice specular highlights.

Check it out in your browser. Use mouse to look/ W,A,S,D to Wak around.

Medieval Flying Fish Elf Game (work in progress)

I'm working on finishing a simple game before tackling the epic RPG. this is a space-ship shoot-'em-up type game. The visual style is based on those early renaissance paintings of the temptation of St Anthony by Bosch and Grunewald and such. These were always full of monsters and strange things. I haven't come up with a title for this yet but I'll be posting updated versions here occasionally.

Take a look at what I got so far. Use the arrow keys to move / [space] to shoot. Once you get 250 points, you've seen it all. There's more on the way.