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In my spare time I like to work on some amateur music. Here are some sample files of audio that I've made.

Primarily I compose little peices using sequencer software. This software allows me to program synthesizers and audio samples with my computer.

Cheezy Techno 1 - 1

  • LuckySee
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Waiting
  • Monkeys
  • Rain
  • Jumpy
  • Sodapop Fizz
  • Song for the Forgotten
  • Fanfare


    Cheezy Techno 1 - 2
  • frogs
  • Little Golden Bells
  • infestation
  • Cave of Mist
  • Vampire
  • Strange Lights
  • whine
  • Green Grass
  • Dwarven Mines
  • ice cubes
  • creatures
  • Contratanz
  • the flow


    Cheezy Techno 2
    More of the same. I was taking an animation class at the time and some of these ended-up in some homework projects.
  • Flying
  • Industrial
  • E9D9
  • Fishmans new Idea
  • Stage Coach
  • Alien Spores
  • OverLook
  • Encounter with the Sea People
  • the Treasure
  • red Sky
  • Industrial (remix) [Bonus Track]


    Video Game
    I often get ideas for video game content. Right before I ultimatly decide not to persue a project I usually work-up a few background tracks to get the mood.

    I also use my hands to play instruments sometimes.

    Testing the equipment
    I was testing my recording device and some of the software sound effects.
    bouncy space guitar
    groovy halls of madness